Seo challenges small businesses have to face

August 9, 2019

Any business, whether a big corporation or a small organization requires a website which is not only responsive but SEO friendly. The website has become an integral part of the conversion funnel for every business now, and so has SEO. As per Sydney SEO agency marketing experts, most people who are looking for services and products on search engines are already at the final stage of sales conversion. Since the advent of digital marketing and other social media platforms, SEO tactics have profoundly evolved, and they keep changing with every new Google algorithm update. No doubt, small business owners find SEO challenging and complicated to handle on their own.

But besides Google algorithm updates, the technical aspects of SEO are too hard for a non-technical person to understand. Given the complexity of SEO, most businesses prefer outsourcing their SEO tasks to SEO Company in Sydney Australia.

Here is a list of some of the challenges small business owners have to face when conducting SEO or their business.

Getting Confused between High Traffic and High Conversion:

Most small business owners have no or only a little SEO knowledge. For them, high website traffic means the SEO strategy they have invested in is working effectively. But small business owners should know that SEO is not all about website traffic. The actual factor that determines the effectiveness of any marketing strategy is the conversion rate. Even if a business is getting high traffic on the website, it doesn’t guarantee that all the website visitors are turning into lead.

It is inevitable for small business owners to face this issue, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t solve the problem on your own. There are tons of SEO tools that can take you through the SEO process and help you track your conversion rate.

Low Frequency of Content or Irrelevancy:

Most small business owners believe that SEO is a one-time task. Considering that once you have built your website and implemented an SEO strategy, you will reap its benefit for a lifetime is a huge mistake. SEO is never a one-time process but a continuous one. Since Google algorithm keeps changing now and then, it is a must to implement those changes on your SEO strategy as well. By regular blogs, posts, articles, videos, and podcast, you can keep your website visitors updates about your business. Having said that, it is essential to offer relevant, informative, and entertaining content to your audience. Besides being relevant, your content should be optimized for SEO. Here, finding the right keywords for the business can become a challenge for a business owner. But there are various keywords planning tools that can come handy in finding relevant keywords.

Forget the External Back linking:

In SEO, backlinks play a crucial role in ranking a business higher on SERP. But most small business owners who SEO understanding overlook the importance of link building. Building a strong network of high-quality links doesn’t only ensure that your business gets more traffic, but it also increases your website authority and reputation.

Some tips and trick for e-commerce seo

March 2, 2019
SEO company in Indore

For someone dealing in the e-commerce business, it is essential to have a website which is easy for people to access and find. The website has a crucial role in attracting visitors and converting them into sales. Thus, it is essential to make the website appear on top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Without an SEO optimized website, a business can’t exist for long, let alone earn some profit. E-commerce businesses have long realized the importance of SEO. SEO company in Indore are helping such online businesses rank higher on Google.

SEO not only helps in ranking a business higher on the search page, but it also helps in making it visible to the target audience which ultimately boosts the conversion rate. 

So, let’s look into some SEO tricks that can work wonder for an e-commerce business.

The keyword is the essence of any SEO strategy:

Keywords play a crucial role in ranking any website high on SERP. Thus, it is essential for businesses to devote time and efforts in searching for keywords that could help it rank higher on Google. Keywords research could be an overwhelming task for those who have no or very limited SEO knowledge. But luckily, search engine optimization services providers offer keywords research facility to their clients.

When undertaking the task of keyword research, one should be very careful in analyzing the keywords. Long-tail keywords do wonder when it comes to ranking for a niche segment. When choosing the keywords, consider yourself as a user and select those keywords and phrases that form user queries.

Include the keywords in the anchor text as well:

Seo consultants swear by including anchor texts to the SEO strategy to boost SERP ranking. An e-commerce website is a hotpot of links pointing towards various pages connected to the business. Here, using anchor text can help you attract more visitors to the site. When putting anchor texts on your web pages, use niche specific keywords or phrases but make sure not to repeat the keywords. 

Say no to duplicate content:

For any website, be it e-commerce or institutional, it is essential to avoid using duplicate or plagiarized content. Google is equipped with various tools which makes it easy for it to detect duplicate content. Google can even penalize such sites by ranking them low in the SERP. But since an e-commerce website has to deal with a lot of description provided by the third-party, there are high chances of the content being duplicated.  When adding product description on your website, consider producing a fresh copy or checking the existing ones in content checking sites. 

Broken links are terrible for the website:

The consumers of today have a lot of choices when it comes to shopping online. For them, user experience matters the most. If they find a site unresponsive, they will take no time in moving on to another site. This has made e-commerce businesses to give priority to user-experience. If you deal in e-commerce businesses you won’t want your visitors to land on a broken link or an unresponsive page. Thus, it is essential to keep a check on all the broken links your website has and fix them at the earliest.

How IT consultants help businesses introduce IT innovations in business operations?

November 26, 2018
IT Innovations

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. It has become essential for businesses to adopt them to their operations to ensure its growth. IT consulting companies in VA and across are working towards making IT innovations like driverless cars, wearables, and drone delivery services more accessible. But adopting these innovations is easy said than done.

Since IT innovation is a key to keeping a business afloat, management put a great emphasis on their IT team to come up new technologies. But the biggest hurdle in doing so comes in the form of insufficient time left after managing the critical IT tasks.

As per a report in Baseline Magazine, which polled over 2500 IT technicians from major IT consulting firms, it was concluded that these are the most significant IT barriers.

Addressing and Preventing Security Issues
Security is one of the most important aspects of keeping an IT infrastructure running. The IT staff has to ensure that the malware and data breach attacks have no involvement of the former or current employees of the business. These breaches are often hard to resolve in the given timeframe; thus they come in the way of introducing new products or technology.

Monitoring Infrastructure and App Performance
After security, the concern of monitoring the performance of the IT resources is the most common IT barrier. Network outages and server breakdowns cause significant hurdles in achieving profitability and optimum productivity. Considering the responsibilities that an IT staff has to undertake, no doubt, it is a stressful job. IT issue can erupt at any time, and almost all IT issues are critical in nature. Thus, IT technicians are required to be on their toes and always be prepared to resolve any uncertain IT issue.

Time, Budgets and Resources
Even if the IT team has an innovative idea or technique, it is not necessary that the team has enough time in a day to develop it. Usually, businesses keep their IT budget to the minimum which further adds to the many constraints faced by the IT department. Being low on the budget means there a shortage of resources to implement and test the innovation.

Business Issues
Miscommunication and conflict of interest amongst business departments can cause a significant issue for IT innovation. Many a time, non-technical leaders fail to understand the technological needs of the business thus they shift their priorities towards other things.

Data Management and Storage
Maintaining the data management system and storage mechanism takes up a significant time of the IT staff. Thus, it is one of the pressing concerns for the IT department. Since responsibilities like server back-ups and maintenance of the network are of prime importance, IT staff chooses it over innovation.

Managing BYOD
With the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device trend catching up at a rapid speed, IT pros are experiencing a tough time formulating policies and clauses to ensure it doesn’t turn into any significant IT risk. With wearables becoming more and more common, the task of monitoring BYOD has become more difficult.

The Strategic Technology Trends For 2019

October 25, 2018
Technology Trends

As the year 2018 is nearing towards the end, technology experts, IT professionals, CIOs, and technicians from some of the best IT consulting companies have been eyeing on the Gartner Symposium to determine the technology trends that would create a rage in the IT landscape next year. This time, they have identified strategic technological innovations that have the potential to transform business processes and our lives altogether. Here are some of the technologies discussed:

Autonomous Things
Artificial Intelligence has been the talk of the town for so long now. Gartner has observed that with the advancement of the technology, there would be a shift from single point intelligent things to a network of smart things. With the help of AI, it consulting companies would be able to develop autonomous objects like drones, machines, robots and automatic automobiles that will gain intelligence. This would enable them to interact with their external environments.

Augmented Analytics
One of the most significant usages of Artificial Intelligence is its ability to augment human potentials. Augmented analytics is the use of machine learning to reinvent how information is collected, processed and analyzed today. With augmented analytics, businesses will have the power to make informed decisions and direct the actions of all their employees towards growth.

AI-Driven Development
As AI is becoming increasingly easy-to-use, most organizations leverage the power of AI-driven technologies. The increased popularity of AI technology has raised the need for easy to use tool that can be used by all employees and not just data analysts.

Digital Twins
With the explosion of the Internet of Things or IoT, digital twins or digital representations is becoming a trend. Besides this, DTOs of digital twins of the organization would be implemented by the companies. These are software model that churns in operational data to determine how a business operates and responses to change.

Empowered Edge
With the help of edge computing, businesses are able to process big data, deliver and collect content and keep reports close to the business. Although IoT currently drives edge computing, in the near future its capacities will get enhanced with the technologies like AI chips, advanced processing, and 5G.

Immersive Experience
There is no denying the fact that the technological advancement is increasingly blurring the line that separates the physical world and virtual world. This has given birth to the immersive experience. Be it chatbot technology or augmented reality, virtual world or mixed reality, these have changed how people perceive the virtual world. The shift in perception and model of interaction between machines and humans would lead to immersive experience.

Blockchain has the potential to reshape companies and businesses by providing them transparency, reducing friction and decentralizing trust. Though blockchain is at a nascent phase, many CIOs have started exploring its potential.

Smart Spaces
As defined by Gartner, smart space is the digital environment where technologies and humans can interact with each other. The trend is prevalent through the concept of smart homes, smart cities, and digital workplaces.

What is the Need of IT Support Services for Computer Storage Solution?

August 18, 2018

The growth of a business these days largely depends on the efficient maintenance of its records. Though with the advent of technology it has become very easy, yet with the multiple options available sometimes it is very taxing as well. Data security and integrity are also a very serious concern and hence it is imperious to settle for nothing but the best as far as security is concerned. Be it a small business or big companies, they don’t dither to spend the fortune on this quintessential requirement as data once lost can ruin the entire backbone of the business.

Nowadays days, computer storage solutions, not only work for the security rather they work on the multiple dynamics where recovery, theft, and duplication of data with malicious intent also need to be checked. Hence, in such situation IT Support Services come at one’s rescue. They improve the efficiency and reduce the complexity of storage and data environment while optimizing the existing systems and thus provides its customers a sense of peace of mind.

The amount of data that one need to manage is growing at a fast pace and so is the need for IT Support Services. They aim to cater the cutting-edge solutions to their clients in situations like –

1)    Identifying the best storage solution as per their requirement out of the multiple           choices available.

2)    To extend support for archiving data for legal and future reference to a layman.

3)    Sometimes software updates and viruses also demand extra computer space               which needs to be handled tactfully.

4)    Optimum data backup and data management products.

Multiple choices and variety of solutions are made available by these service providers such as active archive, backup solutions, cloud storage, data de-duplication, data security, disk storage, solid state drives, tape storage, unified data storage, virtualization, raid etc.

The biggest challenge is to identify the best storage choice for a specific business as it is determined by the size of the company, governance and compliance needs, cost effectiveness etc. Reliability is another big issue which needs to be carefully addressed and for this service providers offer individual centralized solutions rather than the public platform. Even the reliability of cloud storage is at stake nowadays so seeking professional help may prove to be a mindful step for reassuring the safety of business. Hard Drives are cumbersome to manage so storage solutions help users to overcome the consequences of damaged hard disks by saving data on several HDDs placed in a RAID and consolidating data on a single server.

In a nutshell, it can be said that there is nothing specific that can be considered as the best choice for computer storage solutions rather IT Service Providers offer personalized and customized services and help their clients in the expansion and flouris hymen of their business. They have become an integral and essential part of every business and hence their presence can’t be avoided.

In What Ways IT Issues are resolved with IT consulting?

July 25, 2018

Solving IT industry problems with a consistent problem-solving method based on experience and data, Virginia Beach IT services helps companies make strategic business decisions that give them the tools to excel.  The depth of experience that Virginia Beach IT services has acquired positions them provide information technology companies with a competitive advantage when facing the challenges of adapting to the uncertain economic market.

Solving business problems in the information technology industry is a constant battle for many IT companies.  As technology changes more rapidly, IT industry needs are changing at a quicker rate than ever before. To gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the IT marketplace, you need a problem-solving strategy that takes the evolution of the marketplace into account and provides a framework for quickly getting to the root cause of the problem before it eats away at time and resources.

Meeting IT industry needs for solutions to complex problems, Virginia Beach IT services give businesses the problem-solving tools or problem-solving training they need to stay ahead of the curve.  Whether the concern is driving growth, increasing revenue, issue resolution, or innovation, these methods provide to information technology companies give them the tools to find solutions that work best for their business.

In today’s world, IT is a vital tool for facilitating business transformation. Reaping the most value from technology investments in order to remain competitive is one of the highest priorities facing business leaders today. With an experienced professional team, they are focusing on helping our clients, especially in the Banking sector, in business-critical projects.

The never-ending list of age-old problems has been rotating since a decade, and entities have been spending limitless money over consultancy feeling the urge to derive solutions. These obstacles have grown so deep-rooted that top management personal are imbibing intense perspective and adapting acute methods. Most of them decentralize and delegate maximum IT activities outside, in the good faith that outsourcing will fetch better results. While others await the gen-next to come.

The concept of strategic alignment arose in the West because many organizations discovered they were developing information systems that did not support their business strategies. Development projects were often given priority according to technical criteria rather than business imperatives, and funding commonly went to projects sponsored by groups with the most clout—often the finance function—rather than to projects with the most strategic importance. The solution to these evils was to develop an IT consulting firms. Thus IT vendors, consultants, and academics invented and sold planning techniques that aimed first at discovering a company’s competitive strategy and second at suggesting a portfolio to support it.

Think before you post: Understanding the dangers of social media habits

June 20, 2018

If you think that social media is safe and totally private, then think again. The reason that social media is a public domain is nothing short of an open book- one that is open to anyone and everyone who wants to see it.

Social media has become so pervasive in today’s society that based on the latest findings from a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, it revealed that 88% of the US population aged 18 to 29 years old use any form of social media. This means that from the local retail store to the most advanced IT support office, you can be sure to find that 9 out of 10 people are into social media.

But there is a cause for concern. A report released by the Javelin Strategy and Research group indicated an increase in the number of identity fraud by no less than 13% between 2010 and 2011. Social media has been responsible for increasing the risk of people getting defrauded because people started exposing themselves too much.

Here are some glaring statistics from the report;

  • 68% of people in social media with public profiles have shared their birthday information on Facebook and Twitter, of which 45% have even shared specific details as to the exact month, day and year.
  • 63% have publicly shared where they attended high school.
  • 18% shared their phone number
  • 12% shared their pet’s name.

Many, if not most of these details are commonly used personal information for social security accounts, financial profiles, and security validation information.

For hackers and fraudsters, access to these types of information can be a veritable gold-mine of information that can be used to access your identity, even with advanced IT support services in place.

Never expose yourself too much
Always be mindful and extremely careful about the information or ideas you share. When in doubt, always err on the side of caution.

You can never be too careful about what you want to show to the public.

Limit your audience
You have options to share what you want to with only a select audience. Never be too excited about something that could make you lose your cool or your inhibitions. There are people who are out to find a way through, so make sure that you avoid giving out too much information.

Be wary of shared links or unknown files
Don’t be too quick to open up unsolicited links or files, no matter how tempting it may be. It could be malware that provides access to your computer system without you knowing it.

Criminals will always take advantage of your curiosity to find a way in.